Web Tools

The FABRIC Cancer Portal

A comprehensive catalogue of human coding genes in cancer based on the FABRIC framework.

Initiated in 2002, ProtoNet provides a global classification for all proteins automatically. ProtoNet is connected to servers worldwide. Science Magazine (2002), Web corner (editor choice) 298, 329.

PANDORA (Protein ANnotation Diagram ORiented Analysis)
Provides an automatic representation of the biological knowledge associated with any set of proteins. Science Magazine (2004)  NetWatch (editor choice) 306., 1109.

A Predictor for protein animal toxins. Detect short peptides that maybe relevant in medical and biotechnology. 

ProTeus (Orotein TerminUS)
An interactive tool that group together proteins sharing the same shot motifs in their Termini. 

Evolutionary recurrent Segments. Automatic database and tool for protein domain families’ identification. Launched, April 2006.  

Virus and host database and analysis tools, December 2006.

microRNA combinatorial dual view for miRNAs and their target ensembles. Functionality of miRNA in view of pathways.

An MS based indexing tool for metagenomics application and efficient search of peptides from MS experimental data.

ARISTO (Automatic Reduction of Ion Spectra To Ontology) 
Provides information regarding the general chemical nature of the compound underlying an input EI mass spectrum

A family resource for all proteins of 18 fully sequenced insects 

A Machine Learning based predictor for neuropeptide precursors. 

A Machine Learning single residue predictor for convertase cleave sites.